Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Books I've Read & Recommended.

When I get together with friends, family, and business contacts, it seems we always end up swapping titles of books we are reading. I thought it would be fun (and also a good crib sheet for me) to keep a list of my favorite books. These are in the order that I read them. There's no links to buy them here because this is just about sharing. You know where to find them, if you're interested. I'll also do my best to link to blogs and other info related to the books. If someone interesting, say Tiger Woods or William Shatner, recommended the book - I'll let you know that too. That's all for now. Enjoy.

Made to Stick (2007: Non-fiction)
by Chip and Dan Heath

My thoughts: This was a great reminder of concepts that you think you know already. Basically, keep to the simple and memorable.

I read it in Summer 2008.

now is gone (2007: Non-fiction)
by Geoff Livington with Brian Solis

My thoughts: This was the launching point for me with social media, especially its relationship with PR. Geoff's blog and influence in the PR community are well-known for good reason.

I read it in Spring 2008.

Freakonomics (2005: Non-fiction)
by Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner

My thoughts: This is a fascinating look at the invisible lines that connect variables in life from the perspective of a "rogue economist." I am interested in economics, but not unusually so, and this made for a very interesting read.

I read it in Spring 2006.

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