Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Not enough green = Broccoli

I read this article from the New York Times this morning
(Thanks @thopeross).

The article explores the premise that bad economic times are actually good for an individual's health. Why? Well, tough economic times lead to less fatty restaurant meals, less nights out drinking with friends, and less consumption of entertainment where food plays an important supporting role(ballpark frank anyone?).

I recognize this trend in my own family. As times get leaner, gas prices remain high, etc., we have cooked more at home. We have gone out less. When we do go out, we often share an entree. We consider whether the kid's meal is really worth the extra few bucks. Is any of this reflection or focus negative? It's hard to argue that this type of reflection is bad.

How has the downturn positively affected your life? Comment below.

(Bonus: For any of you dieters/health nuts/gym rats out there who had to cancel a club membership to buy gas, check out the free Sparkpeople.com. Sure there's advertising, but you can ignore that if you want.)

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