Thursday, September 4, 2008

Why I loaf Jott

Chris Brogan posted a Jott goof this morning, and I realized that our mis-Jotts have gotten to be a fun thing around our house. I'm beginning to think maybe my wife uses Jott half the time just to see what it enters on her Google calendar. (If you're not familiar with Jott, it's a great tool, especially for commuters or people with old school cell phones. Basically, Jott adds items to your calendars, sends messages, etc., from voice cues. It does not always get things right, but that's a little charming at this stage of technology.)

So just for fun, because I'm in that kind of mood today - I'm collecting Jott mistakes. I'll repost my favs via my Twitter account @morate. So, send me your most mangled Jott messages. Here's a few of my personal favs. (Voice msg = Jott post)

Kleiman Eye Center = Climbing Ice center (@vedo)
Swim lessons = Tin license(@morate)
Winestyles = Juan's house(@morate)

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