Thursday, February 19, 2009

Social Media for School PR.

Richie Escovedo and I presented the below Social Media Tools for School PR presentation this week at the Texas School Public Relations Association Conference in San Antonio. It is always interesting to see where questions will lead. I've been part of presentations on this topic quite a bit in the last year, as well as many conversations. There's been a positive trend that the majority of PR professionals are beginning to shift from a slight resistance to social media to a healthy curiosity.
The majority of questions centered on these topics:
1. Promoting social media when many social media sites are blocked at schools and school facilities
2. Facebook - Good? Bad? (special interest in photos & tagging)
3. Blogging - How often? How does one find time?
4. Security issues with social media related to students, staff, and PR initiatives

This presentation is also available on Slideshare.

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Lauren Vargas said...

In-depth preso...great work, you two! Getting our educators on board will start the culture shift and instill ethical foundation. From one educator to another, thank you for representing our industry!