Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Twitter Rocks: Desktop apps in guitar terms

People are always asking, "How can I really use this Twitter thing?" If you are only using the basic interface(see first example below), then you are missing out on the full experience. I could go on and on about all the cool instruments that are out there, but why not explain it in human terms. I'm a fan of rock, so here's a few desktop Twitter apps in guitar terms. Enjoy!

Classic Twitterfeed via Once upon a time, this was the only feed available. There are updates made to the interface, but currently the Twitterfolk are more focused on keeping their product alive than adding features.(Plus, why do this when independents are working hard to create killer apps?)
Rocking: It's the original. You can say you've been Tweeting there since @The_Real_Shaq was playing for the Lakers. Still a good way to add people. You also get the benefit of the person's full profile.
Lame: Pretty slow to bounce around on this site. Currently not a quick interface for direct messaging, re-tweeting, etc.
Guitarspeak: It's like Stevie Ray's old Strat. It's old and basic, but if you know what you're doing, it can definitely get the job done.

One-liner update via Twhirl: This is great, as you get a regularly refreshed stream from your Twitter friends. There's a handy window to add updates, and you can click on someone's avatar to send a reply, direct message, add as fav, or re-tweet. This is the most similar experience to Twitter apps available for iPhone and Storm.
Rocking: Speed is generally good. Nice look, and not much desktop real estate required.
Lame: It does not allow for management of multiple Twitter accounts, or searches. Even w ith a giant monitor, you're held to about 12 of your most recent Tweets on-screen.
Guitarspeak: Les Paul. Great look and pretty easy to maneuver. It's good enough to not need anything else, unless you are looking to be a guitar god. Then you need more, read on.

Twitter overload via Tweetdeck: Tweetdeck allows you to watch your own regular Twitterstream - plus streams for searches and groups of your friends. Several people I have bumped into use an app like this to follow subjects and do not worry much with following people via the standard Twitter workflow.
Rocking: This is great for those of you that are ADD, or if you are using Twitter for professional means. For example, if you are a reporter - you could use Tweetdeck to follow trending topics or to see what people are saying about your beat. You can also use it just like Twhirl through the magic of maximizing and minimizing the window. (Extra rock props for the black bird logo!)
Lame: It has been known to crash, but just think of this as when your favorite band plays that one awful song and you get to take a restroom break. Use it as a break and go outside, see if the sun is shining. Then, get right back on there.
Guitarspeak: Rick Nielsen(from Cheap Trick) had the chops to play a five neck guitar. It didn't stress him out, he made it rock.

Photo gracias: Flickr user Miki and Steve,, Flickr user Brett Wilde , Hamer Guitars.

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