Tuesday, June 3, 2008

America's Heart Problem.

Vedo and I were discussing the Cohen/McClellan situation this morning and something struck me. Let's call it Jerry Maguire's disease. Forget all the "you complete me" side of that movie, I remember my incredible shock at the beginning as Jerry composed his treatise on everything that was wrong with his business. He was unceremoniously canned, spiraling his life into a somewhat inspiring romantic comedy. We should all have such luck, right?
The first act of that movie laid out an all-too-familiar scenario in America. Just a few weeks ago, I witnessed a candidate whipped by Tim Russert for changing their mind about major issues. Why, in America, are public people unable to change their minds on issues. New information comes to light. The world changes. For example, the way both parties talk about the environment has vastly changed in just the last 10 years.
So, I know there is more to this story. Those of us who weren't there can never truly understand the pressure McClellan was under. We can also not understand his heart now, in this situation. I venture to say that every person has the right to have a change of heart, and even to be disgusted by some of their own actions in looking back at their life. Isn't this what we call wisdom?

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